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por | Oct 16, 2018

1000 members now enrolled on the Candriam SRI Academy

The world’s first free-to-access accredited training platform for sustainable and responsible investing was launched by  Candriam in October 2017 and is now celebrating its first birthday and reaching its 1000th member.

The Candriam SRI Academy aims to raise the awareness, education and knowledge of financial intermediaries on the topic of sustainable and responsible investing using an innovative online platform of inspiring and actionable content and materials. With learning delivered on-screen and through video, the SRI Academy includes a wealth of industry reports and case studies.

Completion of the course is accredited by several industry bodies including CISI, Eurosif, and UKSIF. The course awards a completion certificate with continuous professional development (CPD) points. Currently available in English and Italian, the SRI Academy will shortly also be available in German, French and Spanish language versions. At present the Candriam SRI Academy has four modules:

  • An introduction to SRI
  • Key issues relating to sustainability and SRI
  • SRI strategies and approaches
  • The financial performance of SRI

During November we will be releasing a 5th training module which will look at the background and drivers to sustainable responsible investment and the difference that the investment community can make to some of the challenges facing our environment. The module begins by introducing some of the key sustainability challenges we face and looks at the power of the investment community to provide positive change. The Earth’s climate has changed throughout history, but the current warming trend is of particular significance and it is proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented.

As well as looking at the sustainability challenges we face, our new training module looks at:

  • the market for sustainable responsible investment,
  • the drivers that are pushing the growth of sustainable responsible investing,
  • the historical myths and challenges facing SRI and how they are debunked,
  • the power of the institutional investor in making change to protect the environment through SRI.

We will continue to develop the SRI Academy and look forward to educating growing numbers of financial intermediaries over the next 12 months. We would like to thank all our registered members so far for joining the academy and taking the time to complete the accredited training course.